Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Was it the batteries?

I finally remembered to buy new batteries for my camera. I loaded them in, and my camera had the same problem. (The lens was not seeing clearly - dark shadows and distorted image). Rats!! Now I need a new camera! I tried to go into the settings, like I know what I'm doing. Nothing!

But then, all of a sudden, the picture looked normal. Did I fix it? Was it the batteries? Did I change a setting? Or do I really need a new camera? Time will tell. In the meantime, here's what I've been dying to show you.

I have been hoarding these Diane Hawkey beads for probably 4 or 5 years. I bought them to make Christmas/ holiday necklaces, but never got around to it, until this year.

The first one, "Joy", has a pink and aqua color palette. I wanted to be able to wear it year round (in case I am feeling joyous). I used aqua blue Czech flower spacers, Mother of Pearl leaves, Strawberry Quartz "Beach Glass" rounds, and, of course, Vintaj brass.

 A closer look...
 An even closer look....
 The next focal bead, "Peace", is green, which would seem more Christmas-y. I tried to give it a "woodland" vibe, with tan and Vintaj. I used green Czech faceted rondelles, tan ceramic beads and some "speckled egg" seed beads (which are one of my favorite seed beads to use).
 This focal is really fabulous up close!!
 Peace to all - all year long!!

I've got a couple more photos to post. There's Michelle Mach's Snowflake challenge, which I'll post on Friday. The reveal date is over the weekend, but I can't post over the weekend. I'd rather be early than late.
And I was lucky enough to get in on Andrew Thorton's latest challenge kit - "Jonquil". I need to revisit the reveal date on that one - I'm not sure when it is. I might just go ahead and post my photos early next week.

In my excitement of the camera cooperating, I forgot to shoot photos of all my fabulous enameled beads I made. Hopefully the camera will be in a good mood this weekend!

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  1. Those are both really pretty - love the colors!


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