Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Some Autumnal Ceramic Focals

A while ago, I bought a bunch of stuff from Gaea. Then recently, I bought more. (we all understand the spending habits of a bead hoarder, don't we?) I love all my new stuff so much that I thought I'd better use some of my older stuff! I guess I'm bitten with the autumn bug, like so many others. I used 3 leaf pendants, all in different colors. I am totally loving the acorn bead cap from Vintaj too. So leafs, and acorns, and owls, oh my!

This pendant is teal with the darker ceramic clay showing through. The round beads are also from Gaea - I made one into an acorn.

This leaf is a greyish brown glaze with darker clay showing through. It goes well with the Vintaj chain.

This leaf pendant has a matte finish. The bead that is the acorn is also from Gaea. The owl was a link I picked up at Michael's.

And while I'm on the fall subject, isn't this owl fantastic? This owl is from beadfreaky. I bought some other cute owls from them too. If you like owls, you should check out the shop.
I used some faceted fluorite barrel beads. They almost look like recycled glass, except for the occasional spot of purple.

A close up of the owl! So sweet!

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  1. Anonymous10:18 AM

    These are beautiful Cynthia, I Love your layering technique with the charm in front of a larger abstract tile background :)


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