Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My next investment

My next investment should be photography lessons, and possibly a new camera!
I have a hard time getting my jewelry to look half as good in the photos as they do in real life. And I can't ever get anything to look like it was just thrown on to the background. I know the beautiful photos I've seen elsewhere are a result of arranging and posing, but they look natural and effortless. I promise these necklaces are really cute, but you'll just have to take my word for it!

This is a Chinook focal I bought a little while ago. I made the nest with brown speckled e-beads. I put the same beads on large jumprings, to form a chain. I thought the beads would all be on the lower side of the chain, but actually, when I wear it, the chain twists, and they kinda spiral up my neck, which I like better!

Here's a closer shot of the lovely Chinook focal...

This is another Chinook focal. I ALWAYS get a compliment when I wear this necklace. It's an old key from my stash, czech glass leaves, and inexpensive (read: Chinese) lampwork swirly beads.

Take a closer look at that focal! I'm dying to buy more stuff from Chinook, but think I should use some of what I already have first!


  1. I esp Love the top one!! Its cute even if you think you dont have everything the way you want for a picture. I invested in a Sony camera just so I could get great macro shots and close ups. But Blogger does have where you can make it bigger too. Backgrounds like an old book or old script writing or an old wooden fence work well or an old manniquin?. Im not saying my pics are the bees knees all the time, but Ive come a long way from where I started. Just move along and you will get what you would like! Hope in some way this helped. You make really cute pretty jewellery!

  2. Love what you did! I'm off to blog your pieces and share on FB!

  3. Those are all great designs! Perfect for fall!


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