Friday, April 03, 2015

filigree bracelets

After making several of the leather and rolo chain bracelets I thought I'd try to make other bracelets. As an experiment, I made one like the below bracelet, but with 1mm leather and a light weight clasp. Maybe it's the leather I used, but the leather cracked where it was bent, going in and out of the beads. It also made the bracelet stiff and was hard to put on. I have tons of these filigree tube beads, in 2 sizes (from Panda Hall), so I really wanted to figure out a cool way to use them.

So, I wondered what I could use to replace the leather. Then, while shopping at Auntie's Beads, I found some small spools of woven cotton cord. It was a great price, so I took a chance and bought a couple colors. I'm really happy with how the bracelets turned out. The cord is small enough to fit through the filigree tube beads (twice!) and flexible enough so the bracelet lays against the wrist. It's very comfortable to wear and the bead hangs like a charm when worn.
My friend, Diane (of 2 Bead Sisters) gave me the gorgeous lampwork bead to use for this bracelet.

This bead is fabulous in person!

I made 6 of these, but put 5 of them in the Orchard Artworks gallery already (before I could take photos). I decided to keep this one ('cuz I *love* the bead!!), and have been wearing it practically everyday!

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