Saturday, February 21, 2015

Creative Spark Winter 2015 released!

Today is the day! The znetshows Creative Spark Winter 2015 e-magazine is released today. It is stuffed full of jewelry designs and other fun stuff!

For this issue, a handful of designers from the design team (including me) were to receive surprise packages of the cultured sea porcelain. I received an email when they shipped, so I sneaked a peek at mine (shhh! don't tell). They are all blue and white, to look like old china patterns. I showed you a photo of the cultured sea porcelain in a previous post.

When I saw these hoops, I knew instantly that I wanted to do a little byzantine chain mail and hang them from it, for earrings - so here they are! I think I will keep these!

This necklace was made with the pendant from the same set. I used 3 of my enameled beads and some filigree bead caps, arranged ombre-style, and some larger link chain across from the beads for visual balance.
Next, we have another pair of earrings. These are from another 3 piece set. I just used some dark brass chain with blue crystals (that were already out on my desk!) The blue crystals matched really well.
The matching necklace (the pendant from the same 3 piece set)....I started out thinking I'd make a rosary type chain with the blue crystals, but ended up making 3 bead links separated by large jump rings.

 My next little "set" had 2 pair of earring components. And I originally made 2 pair of earrings. But, it was just too many pairs of blue and white earrings! The components are beautiful, but similar, and all the earrings were getting repetitive. So, I took apart one pair, and made them into 2 necklaces!

This one I put in a wire "bird nest" frame, and used some red Czech flowers from my stash, along with brass beads caps and small fluted round brass beads. And, just to be a little different, I used Arte Metal Chain, instead of dark brass.

 The other half of the earring pair was made into this necklace! I used more Czech flowers, but in aquas and greens. I was reminded of Celadon, or Peking Glass or something... I hung the porcelain pendant in front of an Arte Metal leaf and used some more brass bead caps, more Czech flowers, more blue crystals. The 2 round green beads were just odd beads on my desk. I really have no recollection where they came from. They have a satin finish (slightly smoother than matte).

 These earrings match the necklace, but they do not contain any beads from znetshows. More Czech flowers.

The last thing I made with my znetshows sea porcelain was with the last earring pair - and I made earrings. (surprised?) I used a filigree brass bead cap at the top.
 BONUS: Everyone like a little extra of something, right? While I was making earrings, and digging through my stash, which includes some znetshows sea glass from last summer, I stumbled on to these 2 blue ovals. I tried to use them together with one of the components, but as earrings they were way too heavy. As I was taking them apart, I noticed these as they are, and I liked them, so I stopped taking them apart!
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  1. I always really love what you make and these were no exception. The simple romantic design you bring to each of your pieces is beautiful.


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