Monday, February 20, 2012

I have some pictures to prove it!

I continue to battle my camera. It has been winning lately. It just doesn't work right, most of the time. I really thought it was the batteries, but I think now, more specifically, it's a power issue. Maybe the batteries are not the cause? I have a few more things to try before I chuck it, and buy a new one (did you hear that, camera?? you better start behaving or you're history!)

Anyway, when it was having a good day, I did get some photos of some enameled beads! These pictures were taken a couple weeks ago, before I got my shipments of more enamel colors. So, orange, and green, and aqua, and blue. This bowl was about 4-5 hours of bead enameling - not bad!!
 A closer view of the can see I might have gotten too much enamel on the bottom orange bead. It's holes all filled in!
This photo is a little blurry, but the beads are still pretty!
pretty colors!!
You can stop licking the screen, they do not taste good, trust me ;-)

I've also been embossing!! I got the Vintaj Big Kick for Christmas and have been quietly embossing to my heart's content. I have not tried putting any paint, ink, or other color on them. I rather like the look of Vintaj brass, so, for now, they are naked.
 I split them up into groups, for your viewing pleasure!
These are already earrings!
 Just pendants - love that wide-eyed owl at the bottom!
 And more pendants!
And Vintaj has more designs of embossing folders coming out, so, as soon as they hit the Vintaj website I'll be adding them to my repertoire.

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  1. Cynthia,
    You have been a creative busy bee lately. Love the colors of your enameled beads. I bet the embossing tool is fun to use.


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